Focolare Praying Network

Visual update coming soon ...

How it works:

1. Register

Type in your email address and password; after clicking the link from the confirmation email, you will be able to a join praying group and add your phone number.

2. Fill in your user name in settings page

Once you have completed your registration, you will be sent your Settings page. There you will be able to set your user name as well as check other settings such as password, phone number, etc.

3. Type in your prayer intention :)

There is also a "next week's intention" which (if it's not empty) will replace the current intention when assigning new intentions.

4. Read someone's intention

Each week you will receieve a new intention to pray for.
(Contact details will be provided.)


Pray any way you like. Eg. rosary, etc.

6. Send a fish "<><"

Each day, as a sign that you prayed for that person's intention, make sure to let them know by sending them a <><.